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Parsons, Michael (2014) Living Psychoanalysis: From Theory to Experience. First lines: "What does it mean to be fully and creatively alive?....Have psychoanalysts anything to say about this?"  These questions illustrate the thread that runs through this creative, original work.

​(The chapter in this volume - An Independent Theory of Clinical Technique was first published in a relational journal years ago - Psychoanalytic Dialogues. This one is an expanded version of this very important essay.)

​Parsons, Michael (2000) The Dove that Returns, The Dove that Vanishes: Paradox and Creativity in Psychoanalysis.

Winnicott, D.W. (1965) The Maturational Processes and the Facilitating Environment: Studies in the Theory of Emotional Development. 

Winnicott, D.W. (1971; 2005) Playing and Reality

Winnicott, D.W. (1989) Psychoanalytic Explorations. Edited by Clare Winnicott, Ray Sheperd, Madeleine Davis. 

Winnicott, D.W. (1958; 1975) Through Pediatrics to Psycho-Analysis

Milner, Marion (1934; 2011) A Life of One’s Own (edition with Intro by Rachel Bowlby) This is a book to savor…to enjoy from start to finish…


Symington, N. (2007) Becoming a Person through Psychoanalysis

Symington, N. (2019) The Growth of the Mind 

Symington, N. (2006)  A Healing Conversation: How Healing Happens  

Symington, Neville (1996) The Analytic Experience. This is a collection of the thirty lectures given at the Tavistock Clinic.


​Casement, P. 1985  On Learning From the Patient

Casement, P. 2019  Learning Along the Way: Further Reflections on Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy


Caldwell, L. Editor 2007  Winnicott and the Psychoanalytic Tradition. Karnac


** Raynor, E. (1990) The Independent Mind in British Psychoanalysis

​This book by Raynor and the next by Kohon were the first two books written specifically on the Independent Tradition.


**Kohon, G. 1986 The British School of Psychoanalysis: The Independent Tradition (see next reference)

Kohon, G. (Ed) (2018) ​British Psychoanalysis: New Perspectives in the Independent Tradition 

      This edition of Kohon's edited work has been published - very different one – not merely a ‘second edition’, but rather demonstrating the current developments in British Independent thinking…


​Williams, P, et al (ed) Independent Psychoanalysts Today (2012)


​ Ella Freeman Sharpe (1947) The Psychoanalyst – included in the Collected Papers of Ella Freeman Sharpe 1950.  No reading of the development of the Independents would be complete without reading this short paper by EFS. 

​King & Steiner, Editors (1991)  The Freud-Klein Controversies 1941-45

Caldwell and Joyce (Eds) 2011 Reading Winnicott  

Bollas, Christopher (Numerous books to choose from) 

Phillips, Adam (Numerous books to choose from) 

Rycroft, C. (1964) Rycroft on Analysis and Creativity   (and many other books)

Coltart, N.  (1992) Slouching Towards Bethlehem (and many other books)

Ogden, T. (1997) Reverie and Interpretation: Sensing Something Human   (and many other books)

Ogden, T. (2022) Coming to Life in the Consulting Room: Toward a New Analytic Sensibility. (This is one not to miss…essential reading)

Whelan, M. (Ed) (2000) Mistress of Her Own Thoughts: Ella Freeman Sharpe and the Practice of Psychoanalysis.

Loewald, H.W. (2000) The Essential Loewald: Collected Papers and Monographs.

Chodorow, N. (2020) The Psychoanalytic Ear and the Sociological Eye: Toward an American Independent Tradition


Independent Psychoanalytic Approaches with Children and Adolescent Series

Series Editors: Ann Horne and Monica Lanyado

Lanyado, M. and Horne, A. (1999) The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Dowling, Deirdre (2019) An Independent Practitioner’s Introduction to Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy: Playing with Ideas.

A Question of Technique (2006), edited by AH and ML

Through Assessment to Consultation, Ed by AH and ML

Winnicott’s Children (2012), edited by AH and ML

An Independent Mind: Collected Papers of Juliet Hopkins (2015), ed by AH and ML

Lanyado, Monica (2018)  Transforming Despair to Hope: Reflections on the Psychotherapeutic Process with Severely Neglected and Traumatized Children

Horne, A. (2019)  On Children Who Privilege the Body: Reflections of an Independent Psychotherapist    Routledge


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