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Forthcoming Courses: 


Independence of Thought in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy - Part I

Finding Our Way 


  • Part I will focus on the development of the Independent Tradition in psychotherapeutic practice, emphasizing the contributions of early practitioners, along with a discussion of the development of self/object, affect development, symbolization, dreams, and creativity. 

The Independent Tradition and Its Influence Today – Part II

   Part II will continue to focus on the influence of the Independent tradition in our clinical work.  Readings will range from Winnicott to Parsons and Ogden, Kohon and Bollas, giving a sense of the full range of perspectives on the therapeutic process and emotional connection, feminine sexuality, and the developmental perspective.  

Child and Adolescent Developmental Theory for Educators

   This course will be appropriate for teachers and administrators, focusing on the different perspectives on development throughout the life of the child and adolescent. Discussion time will also be reserved for childhood disturbances encountered in the classroom. 

Included topic areas:  

  • attachment theory 

  • psychodynamic theory and the developmental process

  • impact of infant and toddler development on later behavioral manifestations and personality development 

  • social development 

  • peer relationships

  • identity formation

Hampstead Diagnostic Profile: An Independent's View

    This course will focus on the assessment for psychotherapy within a framework of the Diagnostic Profile as developed by Anna Freud and her colleagues beginning in the 1960s - for both children and adults.  

   There have been considerable changes and modifications created in the past few years to the Profile - through the efforts of researchers and clinicians in Britain, the US, and Italy.  

  A focus will also include my perspective from the Independent Tradition - that is, what an assessment may focus on in the initial consultations with a person, with a view to determining whether psychoanalytic therapy is an appropriate choice.    

Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Therapy - Perspectives from an Independent Practitioner's Work

   This course will examine the foundations - theoretically and clinically - of work with children and adolescents in both intensive and non-intensive work. Highlights will include:

  • Assessment and beginning the treatment

  • Setting

  • Transference and countertransference

  • Resistance

  • Defenses

  • Developmental factors influencing the therapy

  • Therapeutic Alliance

  • Working with Parents 


Working Developmentally - Psychoanalytic Developmental Thinking in our Clinical Work with Adults

   This course was offered throughout 2018-19 and will be repeated in 2020 -21. The course meets monthly for 8 or 9 months, for reading and discussion. 



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