Winter 2020

The Independent Tradition in Psychoanalytic Theory

Part I

Finding Our Way

            Evolution of Independent Thought…Then and now…

            Controversial Discussions  1941-45

            Object Relations

The creation and development of the theory of object relations by the Independents



Kohon, G., Editor (2018) British Psychoanalysis: New Perspectives in the Independent Tradition. *  Sections I, II, and III. Pages 3 -129

*The Kohon book (2018) is available through Amazon and will be the main text.


Additionally, I will distribute the selections referenced below:


            Introductory chapter from Williams, P., Keene, J., Dermen, S., Editors (2012) Independent                Psychoanalysis Today.

            Sharpe, E.F. (1947) The Psychoanalyst in Collected Papers of Psychoanalysis (1950).

            Parsons, M. (2014) An Independent Theory of Clinical Technique, in Living                                    Psychoanalysis: From Theory to Experience. 

            Horne, A. (2019) The Independent position in psychoanalytic psychotherapy with children                and adolescents: roots and implications, in On Children Who Privilege the Body:                            Reflections of an Independent Psychotherapist.


The focus in Part I will be on the evolution of the Independent Tradition, emphasizing the approaches to psychoanalytic thinking in the work of originators and current practitioners. This examination will show that the creation of ‘object relations theory’ was the brainchild of the Independents – contrary to what many practitioners believe. 


As noted in the Kohon text, the need is asserted to “…pay respect to the authority of the past, [and]to become trustful guardians of a well-regarded legacy.”  Further, it is noted in a paradoxical way, that this former statement goes “…together with the crucial need to renew that legacy in the present: to develop, change, and enhance what has been passed on from that past.” P.7


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                              Becoming an Independent Clinician

             The Independent Tradition and Its Influence Today – Part II


In the Spring of 2020, Part II will focus on the clinical situation within an Independent tradition.


Readings will range from Ferenczi to Winnicott to Bollas to Ogden, giving a full spectrum of perspectives.  Readings - selections from the following…

            S. Ferenczi                              Charles Rycroft           Masud Khan   

            John Klauber                           H. Racker                    Michael Balint

            Marjorie Brierley                     W.R. Fairbairn            Enid Balint

            D.W. Winnicott                         Gregorio Kohon          Adam Limentani

            Eric Raynor                             Michael Parsons          Juliet Mitchell

            Christopher Bollas                   Pearl King                   R.J. Perelberg

            Ann Horne                              Nina Coltart                J. Raphael-Leff

            Patrick Casement                    Neville Symington      Thomas Ogden                      

And others…. Location: New location near East Shea Blvd. and North 92nd St.

Date: July 2019       Cost: TBD

Child and Adolescent Developmental Theory for Educators

   This course will be appropriate for teachers and administrators, focusing on the different perspectives on development throughout the life of the child and adolescent. Discussion time will also be reserved for childhood disturbances encountered in the classroom. 

Included topic areas:  

  • attachment theory 

  • psychodynamic theory

    • developmental process​

    • affect development 

    • cognition 

    • gender/sexuality 

  • impact of infant and toddler development on later behavioral manifestations and personality development 

  • social development 

  • peer relationships

  • identity formation   

Dates, times and specifics will be announced soon.  


N.B. This course is limited to a maximum of 8 participants. Register early.

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Rudy Oldeschulte, Psychoanalyst

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Rudy Oldeschulte qualified in psychoanalysis, and in child and adolescent development with Anna Freud and her colleagues at the Hampstead Clinic in London (Now The Anna Freud Centre) - following graduate school at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has thirty years of clinical experience with adults, children, and adolescents in private practice, consultation to hospitals and educational institutes in the United States and Britain. 

He has held posts as teaching and supervising faculty for the College of Medicine, University of Arizona, Department of Psychiatry – developmental theory, diagnostic classification, child, adolescent, adult psychotherapy, as well as teaching for the British Association of Psychotherapists and the Colorado Center for Psychoanalytic Studies. Rudy co-founded the Southwest Center for Psychoanalytic Studies (Arizona) – and presided as the founding President.



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